Write for The Thermo Library

Earn up to $300 per guide

We’re looking for enthusiastic experts and technical writers willing to share their knowledge of Thermo, Linux, and the Cloud. All you need is a GitHub account and the ability to explain how to solve a problem. Our editors will help you do the rest.

To begin, select a topic from the list below and write your submission. Submit your content via pull request to the Thermo repo on GitHub and include your email address. Our team will review your submission. If approved, an editor will work with you and some of our experts to refine and publish your submission.

Upon publication, it’s up to $300 in your pocket, depending on the complexity of your submission.

Crucial criteria

  • Accuracy: Your procedures are straightforward, correct, and tested. For each action, include the “why” as well as the “what.” Explain the purpose behind each action.
  • Completeness: Your guide produces a complete, functional configuration. When appropriate, your guide also gives readers of what to do next and provides all critical elements of security and other best practices.
  • Originality: Anything that is not raw code is original content written exclusively for Thermo.

Pay scale

We dispense all payments via PayPal.

Updates (under 500 words) $100
Simple guides (500 – 999 words) $200
Complex guides (1000+ words) $300