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Tasks our Physicists will always help you with.

It's what they were born to do!

These are included with your account:
Thermo Access your machine when the Internet isn’t available
Thermo Fix problems that prevent your machine from booting
Thermo Check your file system
Thermo Delete and recreate virtual machines
Thermo Perform basic networking tasks
Thermo Migrate from another provider or a previous plan
Thermo (may require your involvement for some platforms)

Things needing a little more effort.

Use their knowledge to help you out!

These additional services are billed at a minimal fee of $3 per service:
Thermo Install or uninstall software
Thermo Restore broken software to a basic, working configuration
Thermo Update Kernel
Thermo Recompile PHP
Thermo Update operating system software

Things that need more than Physicists.

Sometimes you need to ask your friends for a hand.

These often require a developer’s touch, but we know a few – just ask!
Thermo Optimizing applications beyond basic setup
Thermo Debugging
Thermo Performance tuning
Thermo Application development

Want your Hosting Company to do more?

We understand that sometimes you need a little more help.

Consider our sister company
Thermo If HIPAA or PCI compliance matter to you
Thermo If you’re running a large enterprise site
Thermo If you need performance tuning or advanced application configuration
Thermo If you need immediate, expert support available by phone all day, every day

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