Get building with Thermo

Top-of-the-line hardware with easy pricing options to grow, build, and rebuild as you need. With Free Migrations, move your environment with ease.


Our pricing is built to ease your bottom line: what you see, is what you pay.
All of our features are readily available with each sizing option.

Grow, Build, or Re-Build as needed.

The tools you want, not the tools you don't need.

Fire up a Joule

A Joule is a unit of work or energy, equal to the work required to produce one watt of power for one second. Control your environment with a stronger & higher energy.


If you need a simple web hosting control panel, cPanel is the tool to use. Use this control panel as your visual interface for conducting work on the server, without needing to worry about the command line.


Size up as you need, with minimal costs. No need to change your code, just increase the capacity by adding the resources you need with no migration and no down time.

Thermo Physicists

Remove the workload of dealing with things operating system updates or recompiling PHP. Our Thermo Physicists handle the work that developers don't want to do.