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Getting Started with Thermo


Thank you for choosing Thermo! This guide will help you create your first virtual machine, find your IP address, and point you toward your next steps.

Creating your virtual machine

  1. If you haven’t already, go to the Thermo Sign-Up page and sign up. Fill the four required fields marked with an asterisk, then click Sign Up.

    Sign up panel

  2. Click Get Started. Get Started button

  3. Click your preferred location. Location options

  4. Choose your operating system. Operating system selection

  5. Click your desired plan from the eight available. plan selection

  6. Select whether you want to use a password or an SSH key for accessing your server. If you choose a password, skip to Step 7. Generate Password and My SSH Key selections.png)

    If you choose My SSH Key, add your SSH key by clicking Add Key. If you need to create a key, follow the instructions provided in Generating and uploading SSH keys. ssh keys button

    Enter a name and your SSH key, then click CREATE KEY. Paste your SSH key into the Key field. ssh key fields

  7. Enter your hostname.

    hostname entry

  8. If you have not yet entered you billing information, click BILLING INFORMATION. Billing Information button.png)

    Fill all required fields, then click Add.

  9. Click Create. Create button

  10. If you chose Generate Password in Step 6, check your email for a message from with the subject "Secure Password Share" and follow the instructions provided in Retrieving your cloud server password section.

Retrieving your cloud server password

If you chose to generate a password in Step 6 above, follow these instructions to retrieve that password:

  1. When you receive the “Secure Password Share” email, click View Password. View Password link

  2. Read and understand the warning, then click View Password. View Password button

  3. Click the password to copy it, then save it in a password manager or other secure place. Password

If it becomes necessary to give a Thermo Physicist access to your server for support, then follow the instructions provided in Sending Secure Data to Thermo Physicists.

Finding your IP address

To view your IP address information:

  1. Log in to the Client Portal.
  2. Click Service > Cloud Servers. service to cloud servers

  3. Click your desired cloud server. cloud server selection

  4. See the Networking section for your IP address information.

    networking section

Next steps

Congratulations on creating your first virtual machine with Thermo! For additional guidance about how to manage your cloud server, check the following topics from the Thermo Library:

For 24-hour assistance any day of the year, contact a Thermo Physicist through the Client Portal.