Cloud Hosting

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Launch cloud hosting instances in 90 seconds with Thermo and get the power, flexibility, and care that you deserve.


Thermo provides high availability cloud computing on top-of-the-line SSD-enabled hardware.

This experience is creatively optimized for performance on top of our proprietary platform and energized by over 40Gbps of network capacity.


Your Thermo panel allows you to build, rebuild, and grow server environments on the fly, but that's just the beginning.

Pay as you go pricing allows you to only pay for what you use. Use our Thermo Core to build whatever you want, and run through your console logs- all from the web.


Thermo Physicists provide support in situations where most providers leave you high and dry.

Available anytime you need them, our team is ready for your questions. Physicists are trained in cloud application care to assist you as you experiment.

Simplified Pricing

Our pricing is built to ease your bottom line. What you see is what you pay.
All our features are readily available with each sizing option.