We’ve been listening.

When we asked developers about cloud deployments, we kept hearing the same things:

“Setting up a VM is getting too confusing.”

“The system is not friendly.”

“There’s no good support.”

With those in mind, we hit the whiteboard and started listing the features we wanted from a cloud environment:




The work of a developer is both difficult and critically important, and we believe the foundation of that work should be easy and simplified. The result is Thermo.io.

Thermo was built from the ground-up to simplify hosting for developers. It was born from the need to evolve for a new breed of developers. Though it relies upon years of knowledge and solid technology, but is layered in a way to stay innovative.

The name, Thermo, comes from the science of heat transfer and the physics of energy. Like setting up a cloud environment, it’s a confusing, tangled topic. Thermo keeps those complexities where they belong – under the surface – so you can focus on your business.

With Thermo, we’re aiming to give you the features you need before you need them. If something’s missing, we encourage you to ask for it. Your feedback helps us find more ways to make your cloud deployment easy and effective!