Recently, the Thermo Physicists spent time in Sandusky at CodeMash, a conference for developers of all levels. It is a unique event that educates developers on current practices, methodologies and technology trends in a variety of platforms and development, and it was our first time taking Hopper and friends to the Kalahari Resort for this one of a kind event.

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The sessions were varied and kept us interested all week long. One session we talked a lot about was Joe Morgan‘s discussion on the perfect code and made us remember how artful and precise our craft needs to be. Beyond the development talks, there were also great conversations happening about keeping healthy in mostly sedentary work life. We took time to listen to Julie Cameron and received valuable info on planning mindfulness routine to help reduce stress and pain. The conversations at the booth were amazing as well. It is great to see the excitement developers share for Thermo. We heard about some amazing projects being worked on, and hope to see a few of them built on this platform.

Swag, Hopper, CodeMash


CodeMash isn’t all work though! This is a conference in a waterpark, which means there was too much fun all around! Ther party and dinners were amazing, but the most fun was the families that stopped by. It was wonderful to see the kids getting into their projects. During the KidzMash sessions, you could feel their excitement when they shared the details of their finished projects. All in all, this was an amazing event to be part of and we can not wait until next year!